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How Can this Software help manage my Church?

SaintsBookPlus can greatly improve your Church Administration; below are a few highlights.

Manage Membership Data and Filter Information

Register members, children, visitors and prospects; create groups or zones, assign members to zones/groups, filter by date to pull records and you can pull demographic data on gender, education level, etc.

Easy Access to Church Information

Our platform makes it easy to enter and retrieve Church records/information compared to searching through volumes of books or files for old information. It helps to build institutional memory of your Church.

Carry Your Church Along and Stay Connected

SaintsBookPlus is an integrated web and android mobile application which allows you to stay always connected with your church.

Communicate Effectively with Members

With our inbuilt online and offline notification systems (SMS/Voice), you can send reminders/alerts to all members, groups, visitors and prospects.

Post Sermons & Devotional Messages

You can upload and post video/ audio sermons, daily inspirational messages and announcements to members.

Track Church Attendance

Our inbuilt clocking system enables members to mark present or state why they are absent from church; and just by a click of a button you can view all present at church and absentees.

Document Church Archival Materials

You can create folders and upload church historical materials including pictures, videos and documents; which can easily be retrieved and downloaded.

Manage Church Financial Records

You can prepare yearly church budget (projected incomes, projected expenditure) and actuals; pull records and generate quarterly & yearly financial report.

SaintsBookPlus Gives So Much More

You can prepare your church master program and weekly church service activities which shows upcoming events.

There are over 25 service modules on SaintsBookPlus which provides all you need for effective church administration at an unbelievably low price you can think of. Sign Up Now! You may contact us if you need any further information or clarifications on our pricing.

About Us

SaintsBookPlus is one of the flagship software products of Click Communication Limited; an IT Solutions company located in Accra-Ghana.

We exist to provide innovative and cost effective mobile technology services for big, medium and small congregations. Sign up now and enjoy the experience of effectively managing your congregation in a digital way for growth.


To support congregations to effectively engage church members and advance the gospel through the use of technology.


To become a global leader in Church Management software in providing tailor made technological support services for effective Church management and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide phone/ email support services; and where possible our tech team will come over to train your IT members.

SaintsBookPlus can be used on any internet device. It is designed such that it can fit any mobile device screen. The system can be accessed through our web-platform and android mobile app (SaintsBook) which gives you flexibility.

Our innovative services are the lowest priced on the market. Ours is to make it affordable for small, medium and big congregations to patronize. With less than Ghc 2.00 ( about 30 cents) for a year multiplied by the total adult membership of your church, you can subscribe to most of our service modules.

We provide the best and highly secure church management solution; using the most advanced firewall systems to ensure your data is safe from hackers.

We are certified by the Data Protection Commission of Ghana. This means we are bound by law to ensure that we process data;
(a) without infringing the privacy rights of the data subject;
(b) in a lawful manner
(c) in a reasonable manner and is processed in compliance with data protection legislation. Your church data or information remains protected without any third party access except our service providers who are also covered by our privacy and confidentiality policy agreement.

Contact Us

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Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Physical Office Address: Adjei Onanor Street, Hse No: 32, Adentan-Accra
Digital Address: GD-001-1205
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Postal Address: Box SQ 228, Tema-Ghana, West Africa